Retyping Everything?

I could start with some scenarios and reasons why you’re going to have to type or retype something, but the fact that you’re here must be that you most probably know at least one already. Hopefully, this trick suits you as much as it suits me. Here goes my five simple steps on How to Stop Retyping Everything:

1. Have a screenshot or image of the text you need.

A snippet of the text I need to retype and edit:



2. Open your Gmail and click on your Google Keep

Alternatively, you can just go to (Yes, this requires you to have a Gmail account.)

Click the Google Apps button on the top-right section of your Gmail screen, then click the More button…


…and select Google Keep.

grab image text2


3. Upload your screenshot or image in a note.

Selecting the Google Keep app should redirect you to this page:

grab image text3

In a note, click on the Add Image button and select your photo. Once you’ve selected your photo, it should show on top of the note.


4. Grab the Image Text!

grab image text4

Click on the Vertical Ellipsis  [⋮] and Grab Image Text button.


5. Voila!

Congratulations. Your text is now grabbed from the image. So much time saved!

NOTE: This also works on mobile. 😉


May this make your life a bit easier. Thank God and thank Google. Have a great day!